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Why do violet leaves grow small and twisted

Help that with violet? The leaves grow so small and twisted. After flowering, this happens. There is another one, only its condition is better, the rest are normal

Large volume of land. This glass is large. Overfilling is obtained.

Explicitly flooded

It is necessary to get out of a glass to dry and plant in a smaller size

Fill. She needs a pot two times less with a hole below, watering only through the pan.

I agree, do not pour, they need quite a bit of water.

Filled ...

I water the violets when the earth is completely dry. There are no bugs, yet I water the violets equally

it's a glass like a glass, 50 ml

50 ml glass, the smallest of all

I didn’t flood it, because I know how to water violets, I’ve grown it for more than 5 years, I haven’t seen this, a glass of 50 ml, the smallest

a cup of this size

then transplant and when transplanting, consider the roots, maybe someone sharpens. By the way, violets react very strongly to the mood and aura of relations in the house - with our first husband, our violets did not take root at all, no matter how much I tried, and with the second, they bloom all year round.

2 violets, the remaining 18 are normal

Still, try replanting and loosening more often in order to provide air to the roots. Good luck.

talk to them ... scare if they refuse to grow. There is no other way

yes, I’m replanting, thank you, I thought about it, I just feel sorry for her, it used to be a baby, they sat a lot, bloomed, then after a while (as they blossomed) they transplanted immediately into a small pot

then we are waiting for more advice ...

the first photo was once like in 2 photos

and this is another violet

This can be a tick, a lack of light, an excess of light, pouring cold water, direct rays, an overabundance of trace elements (if recently transplanted into purchased land), waterlogging of the soil, a draft. It would be better to cut off such leaves, but there’s nothing special on yours. You can try to rinse the root with water and dip in epinchik, or just shed epin and spray the leaves. But for now do not water again.