Canned Gherkins: Five Best Recipes

Many people think that gherkins are exotic vegetables from overseas countries. In fact, gherkins are called special varieties of small cucumbers, the size of which does not exceed four to eight centimeters. As a rule, miniature green fruits are not used for salads, but they make various preserves from them. Pickled or salted gherkins always remain crispy and juicy, while having a sweet taste, so the housewives are happy to harvest these cucumbers for the winter.

Pickled gherkins: a delicious recipe for the winter

The recipe for pickling gherkins is practically no different from the recipes for the same pickled cucumbers or zucchini. Tinned cucumbers canned in this way are fragrant and spicy, which makes them a great snack for any feast.

What is needed:

  • small cucumbers;
  • fresh dill seeds - half a teaspoon;
  • allspice - three peas;
  • cloves - three to four buds;
  • garlic clove;
  • thin horseradish root;
  • hot pepper - a third of the pod;
  • water - five hundred milligrams;
  • salt and sugar - a tablespoon;
  • vinegar solution - half a teaspoon.

How to cook:

  1. First, for three to four hours, pour cucumber fruits with icy water. With this technique, the bright color of the fruits will remain and the gherkins will remain crispy.
  2. The horseradish root is cut into thin circles, and the garlic is cut into small slices.
  3. Glass liter containers and lids for preservation are washed with soda solution, then filled with boiling water to make them sterile.
  4. At the bottom of the cans lay all the seasonings and fill them with gherkins.
  5. Salt, vinegar and sugar are combined with water and poured into cucumbers.
  6. Sterilize jars with gherkins for about twenty-five minutes and immediately roll up.

It is advisable to save canned gherkins in a cellar or pantry.

Pickled Gherkins

Salted Gherkins: a step-by-step recipe

Fruit leaves give salty gherkins an interesting taste and exquisite aroma. To the best of salty and spicy cucumbers were the first to disappear from the festive table.

What is needed:

  • small cucumbers;
  • currant, grape and cherry leaves - two to three pieces each;
  • fresh dill umbrellas;
  • mustard seeds - half a teaspoon;
  • water (preferably spring or filtered) - five hundred milligrams;
  • salt - a tablespoon;
  • sugar - half a teaspoon;
  • vinegar solution - a teaspoon.

How to cook:

  1. The fruits of the cucumbers are placed in a bowl of icy water for several hours.
  2. One-liter glass containers are sterilized with hot water and the sealing lids are boiled.
  3. The liquid is brought to a boil and poured into cans with gherkins. They wait for the water to cool and pour it back into the stewpan.
  4. Salt and sugar are dissolved in the liquid drained from the cans and boiled again.
  5. Fruit leaves and seasonings are added to the gherkins and carefully pour hot pouring into the glass containers. Then, vinegar solution is added to each jar and rolled up.

Preservation will have a sharper taste if you add a little paprika or thin garlic cloves to the gherkins.

Canned gherkins with mustard powder and cinnamon

Cinnamon is a wonderful seasoning that gives flavor not only to sweet dishes, but also used for preservation. According to this recipe, gherkins are crispy and piquantly sweet, and will be enjoyed by the most fastidious gourmets.

What is needed:

  • fresh little cucumbers;
  • cinnamon powder - half a teaspoon;
  • garlic cloves - two pieces;
  • hot pepper - two thin rings;
  • mustard powder - a third of a teaspoon;
  • black pepper - two or three peas;
  • water - five hundred milligrams;
  • salt and sugar - a tablespoon;
  • vinegar solution - a teaspoon.

How to cook:

  1. Gherkins filled with ice water are left for several hours, then they are washed and filled with vegetables in liter glass containers.
  2. Boil brine made from water, sugar and salt. Cucumber fruits are poured into boiling brine and the liquid is allowed to cool.
  3. The marinade is drained from the cans and boiled again. While the marinade is boiling for the second time, all the spices are spread in jars with gherkins.
  4. Again pour hot pouring into the cans, add vinegar to each and tightly twist them with boiled lids.

This recipe does not require sterilization, which significantly saves time when harvesting these small cucumbers.

Small cucumbers in a jar: a recipe as in a store

Many housewives buy pickled gherkins in a store, believing that it is impossible to cook such cucumbers at home. But the gherkins prepared according to this recipe are in no way inferior to the store ones.

What is needed:

  • small fruits of cucumbers;
  • clove of garlic;
  • inflorescences of fresh green dill;
  • allspice - a few peas;
  • water - five hundred milligrams;
  • table salt - a tablespoon;
  • vinegar solution - a teaspoon.

How to cook:

  1. Enumerated cucumber fruits are placed in a container with icy water, then spread in sterile liter dry jars.
  2. The rest of the ingredients are put on the cucumber fruits.
  3. Mix water with salt and bring to a boil over medium heat. Vinegar is added to the boiled marinade removed from the stove and boiled again for two to three minutes.
  4. Gherkins are poured with hot brine, rolled up, turned upside down and allowed to cool completely.

The only drawback of this preservation is that its shelf life is relatively short: two to three months. Store jars with gherkins only in the refrigerator.

Canned Gherkins with Onions and Carrots

This very unusual and original recipe uses vegetables that will give the gherkins a light sweet taste and a unique aroma.

What is needed:

  • fresh little cucumbers;
  • young carrots;
  • small heads of young onions;
  • clove of garlic;
  • laurel - two leaves;
  • black pepper - a few peas;
  • inflorescences of fresh dill;
  • water - five hundred milligrams;
  • table salt - a tablespoon;
  • vinegar solution - a teaspoon.

How to cook:

  1. Fill the fruits with boiling liquid for several minutes, then immediately place them in a saucepan with ice water. Each fruit is pierced with a toothpick or needle in several places, covered with several tablespoons of salt and left in the refrigerator for ten to twelve hours.
  2. Peeled carrots are cut into thin circles and blanched with onion heads for several minutes.
  3. In clean glass liter containers put garlic cloves and dill, gherkins and vegetables are placed on top.
  4. The water is combined with seasonings, sugar and salt and brought to a boil over medium heat.
  5. The brine removed from the fire is mixed with vinegar and carefully poured into jars of vegetables. Cucumbers are sterilized for at least twenty minutes, after which they immediately roll up the lids.

This preservation can be served as a salad to any side dish.

Useful tips for tasty preservation

  • Salt or pickle the gherkins should only be those that have just been plucked from the garden. Then they turn out crispy and tasty.
  • It is advisable to use salt for preservation, marine, and not ordinary, so the workpiece will be more useful.
  • Do not wrap the cans with gherkins in a warm blanket, as they become soft and tasteless.
  • To make the cucumbers more aromatic, you should replace the dill with dill seeds.

Pickled Cucumbers for the Winter

Preservation of these miniature green vegetables does not take much time, and the result is always pleasing. Jars with crispy piquant gherkins will always come in handy both on the holiday table and on a weekday, so you should use the conservation season and prepare this great snack for the winter.