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Why did garlic grow without cloves

Summer clerks, what's wrong with garlic? I planted slices, got heads without a hint of slices (for children too large, almost 4 cm in diameter). One even cut it.

Could it be a combed bow? True, I do not know what he looks like.

No, I planted winter garlic.

Plant such a single tooth in the winter, next year you will get normal multi-tooth garlic. Typically, such cloves from seeds are obtained, such a technique is used to update garlic.

I have summer garlic, one to one. Planted cloves, but got such large bulbs. But I planted summer garlic in the spring, save, plant again in the spring, probably now there will be a head.

I’m summer, Comrade Yarovoy, I don’t even think about cleaning, the other day I’ll tie and let it grow.

Is it still green?

I kind of sent you pictures? The tips began to turn yellow, now I’ll tie it and let it increase the head.

I recognized you right away. Thanks. By the way. I do not know. What to do with these single teeth. Eat right away. Closer to spring or plant?

Leave to dry well and plant in the spring. I have those that planted in the fall, such nonsense has grown, but not single-tooth. I then take a picture with the normal one.

Galina, what was your planting material? If the usual large teeth, then there are two reasons. The first is, most likely, a good variety of local garlic, and the second is a freeze, which occurred just at the time of growing the clove.

I have a similar variety. I don’t plant such one-tooth bulbs, but large four-tooth bulbs are an excellent planting material. You would also need to take away such large small-tooth bulbs for landing. And it is also important that the teeth go only in one radius, because if there is at least one lobule in the second row, the variety may be lost.

And also, try to propagate such garlic with bulbs, it happens that a sign is fixed.