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Why bell peppers are wrinkled and lethargic

Hello! I collect Bulgarian pepper, and on a pair of bushes it is wrinkled, lethargic. What is the matter with them? Leaflets are clean, healthy ...

We also have lilac yellow, eggplants grow nearby. I think they have a reason)

I have tomatoes nearby))) but they don’t want to blush

I have a variety of straight purple, specially planted so that it was then beautiful in the bank. Next year I’ll plant black

maybe I have such a variety, I bought seedlings in the market, I don’t know what kind of variety)))

here I have purple pepper

and the yellow variety Belozerka, very fruitful, I recommend that we planted them in another cottage in early summer and abandoned the cottage, bought another, in the fall we went there to get the inventory, and he was all in the grass with peppers, collected 8 bags with handles

We must remember))) I’ll plant next year!

I also have Belozerka, on a bag of seeds it is yellow. It grows like yours is yellow with lilac. But there is not a single lilac. Yield.

completely lilac called lilac fog

I understood this. In the first photo, what sort of variety do you have?

In the photo I just showed how it is painted, but in a plate there is a white-eye and a gray fog

I have a white-tint so painted in yellow-lilac

in the first photo there is a lilac fog on the bush, it first stains with spots and then the whole, and the white-eye does not fade from me

I will photograph in the garden

such a pepper

This is a different variety, I don’t remember which one, but should blush

mozha dusted with something, mine are sitting in the greenhouse, next to tomatoes and eggplant and everything is fine

whole pepper like that. Nearby eggplant grow. For some reason I thought with him dusted up.

I have 4 bushes growing directly with eggplants in the same bed, everything is green, large, pretty

then I don’t know why he is like that)