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How to care for guinea fowl

A relative decided to give us exotic birds for us. In our village, everyone has the simplest birds: hens, geese, ducks. And then guinea fowl. My husband and I were confused, we do not even know how to care for them, and the relative is not in the know. Who has experience breeding these unusual birds, write how to care. What is the use of birds?


The benefits of guinea fowl more than other poultry. It is known that her eggs are hypoallergenic and meat contains a large amount of hemoglobin. It is known that another useful property of guinea fowls is that they eliminate pests (Colorado potato beetle, caterpillars, flies, etc.) without harm to crops. It is important to know guinea fowls, as well as turkeys, need space for 1 sq.m accounts for 2 individuals. Guinea fowls withstand cold up to -55 degrees, so they do not need a heated room.

It is more important to arrange several perches and monitor the dryness of the floor. To do this, the floor is strewn with a layer of straw or large sawdust. This is the only bird that can be released to graze in the garden, as it does not rake the ground, does not break the leaves. She’s not picky in food, she eats boiled root vegetables, greens and cucumbers with pleasure. Also used for feeding compound feed and grain mixtures.