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What is the best place to sit near the hives

They demolished the old house and decided to expand the garden and vegetable garden. I would like to know from those who are engaged in beekeeping. What is best planted closer to the hives, and what is undesirable to plant, or does it make no difference at all, if only they would not sting? This applies to vegetables, fruits, and trees. Brother is engaged in beekeeping, I do not understand anything about this. But I know that they fly to the fields where buckwheat is planted with us.



Yarik, it would be nice to plant decorative heather near the hives. This plant belongs to honey plants. Of the flowers, Lupine, Mallow are great, but the Delphinium and larkspur should not be planted. My brother, for example, has raspberries, apple trees, cherries, and yellow acacia planted around the apiary. Ants love to visit the apiary, and so plant tomatoes near the hives, their smell will frighten off insects.