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What to do if strawberries have drooped leaves

Hello. All strawberries were planted in one soil. The kids in the large tray feel good after transplanting, and the one in the pot has dropped. How to reanimate her?

Spray Epin at night. Keep all seedlings in the light, but completely eliminate the sun! A couple of days for sure. And this one, in the pot, is also in the greenhouse. And yet, you are very closely planted in a common tray! It is now small, and then each outlet will give another 3-5 pcs! And it will be crowded. They will spend energy competing with each other for the sun, water, food! And not for flowering and berries! On every bush you need from 2.5 liters, this is the minimum!

Thank you so much ! tomorrow I will sit each in 3 liter pots, there are 5 liter - will they go for such kids now?

she rose in the evening finally it was apparently very hot she was on the sunny side

tomato is also better not direct sunlight? the sheets dry (but I feed him, and sits in the fertile soil “for tomatoes and peppers.” Can you tell me? in the shadow of him?

3 liters is already good. Is it strawberries or strawberries, just for sure? And where are you going to grow it?

They gave me all these kids! bought, and did not ask a grade, nothing (((I do not know ....

will grow in pots on the balcony

Do you already have to pollinate this one in the pot? or early? and how to do it - with a brush from one flower to another (in a circle) to touch all the flowers?

Yes, remove from the sun and watch how they react. Perhaps this is just an adaptation. After transplanting, any plant needs to be removed from the sun for a day, no less.

if on the balcony, then 3-4 liters is enough.

Do you have a glazed or open balcony?

let them get used a couple of days. And I don’t see flowers on it yet, it’s, apparently, buds.

glazed. the shutters are open during the day, at night I close from the winds

if it’s open during the day, then you don’t need to pollinate, everything will happen without you. I hope you do not have the 15th floor? Open early, and it’s better not to close at all if it’s warm.

bees do not reach us, 7th floor ((

and flies, butterflies? 7th floor, of course, a bit tall.

no them. I have already Resigned that I will pollinate myself ... but here’s how, how to understand where the “male and female" flower is.?

Yes, you have to pollinate yourself. Soft, wide squirrel brush. How? And you start from the fact that you are a bee that flew in for nectar, all this pollination is complete, as they say, in a drum!

it is clear))) dipped here, dipped there, in one flower, in another))) nothing complicated. Thanks!!!

yes, it’s not difficult, but gently, gently, from the edge of the stamens to the center, to the pistil. And preferably, every day (in dry weather), here, as a conception, who knows when it will happen.