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Why does garlic and onion turn yellow

Why does garlic and onion turn yellow?

Dries due to lack of moisture

When the earth is torn, onto the cards, from a lack of moisture, it also tears apart the thin roots, which basically feed the plants ...

It is good to spill and loosen the earth. I would also advise you to dilute the top layer with peat or a coconut substrate. You can even sand. To make the earth more loose.

Be sure to flap! Feed them and at least in the rows mulch humus

Mulch and do not suffer with constant cultivation! and nothing will turn yellow! Checked!

Of course, such a drought

people speak correctly. First loosen to mix the top layer of soil with peat, water abundantly so that 20 cm of soil is wetted. And after mulching, you can dry grass

A bale of hay now costs 500 rubles for the entire garden costs, cover with a layer of at least 10 cm, and fertilizer and weed does not climb and water less

You can’t mulch an onion; his neck rots from this

Feed and ammonia spill, only dilute in the correct proportion